Media coverage for January

This summer is our busiest season yet, with the Police Minister Stuart Nash supporting drug checking and our New Year alert about n-ethyl pentylone reaching 85,000 people. Of course, that kicked off quite a bit of media coverage: Newshub, 2 January: Drug testing uncovers more laced pills at music festivalRadio NZ, 2 January: Testing showsContinue reading “Media coverage for January”

KnowYourStuffNZ media coverage for the last four weeks

It’s the middle of festival season and the media interest in our work has been intense. Here’s some of the coverage from that. Also, we’re totally jazzed that the Prime Minister is a) hapÅ« and b) “hugely supportive” of our work. NZ Herald, 28 December: Covert drug testing will again be carried out at festivalsContinue reading “KnowYourStuffNZ media coverage for the last four weeks”

Apparently our results are news!

When we published the final results from our testing data on Sunday, we were not expecting much media interest. After all, the numbers haven’t changed that much since July, when we first published our preliminary results. However, we did attract some attention. Here is a roundup: VICE: These are the drugs appearing at New ZealandContinue reading “Apparently our results are news!”