2 years of legal drug checking today!

Today we’re celebrating two years of the Drug and Substance Checking Legislation Act 2021. This was a landmark piece of legislation that let us move from a “giving the law the side-eye while we discreetly continue to test drugs” position to a place where we can stand proud and say “WE TEST DRUGS” and noContinue reading “2 years of legal drug checking today!”

Wendy in the New Years Honours

People have said that Wendy deserves a medal – guess what just happened? Wendy started @KnowYourStuffNZ back in 2015. It was underground af. She was prepared to be arrested for trying to keep people safe. We don’t have any pictures of the early days, coz underground. Here’s our first picture – Wendy (& Samuel Andrews,Continue reading “Wendy in the New Years Honours”

Drug checking services receive public funding ahead of this summer’s busy season

KnowYourStuffNZ is grateful to receive public funding to support our drug checking service, announced today by the Minister of Health. Aotearoa New Zealand is the first nation to have fully-legal and publicly funded drug checking. We look forward to continuing our service at festivals and public clinics this summer and on. We also appreciate thatContinue reading “Drug checking services receive public funding ahead of this summer’s busy season”

High Alert Warning: Unwashed Poppy Seeds

Poppy seed tea sounds relatively harmless, right? Except it’s really not if you get the wrong kind of poppy seed. Unwashed poppy seeds found in regular poppy seed supply have caused acute opioid toxicity hospitalisations in Victoria The poppy seeds in question are being recalled in Aotearoa and Australia, but we’re throwing up a redContinue reading “High Alert Warning: Unwashed Poppy Seeds”

Article on UK festival drug checking published

Professor Fiona Measham (The Loop UK and University of Liverpool) and data scientist Henry Simmons (Envelop Risk Analytics and Durham University) have released an article on drug checking at festivals in the UK in 2018. They wanted to get a snapshot of which demographics were using drug checking, what kind of harm reduction services they’dContinue reading “Article on UK festival drug checking published”