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This page contains photographs and information for pills we have identified during the 2019/20 season that were obtained as MDMA but were not what people thought. They are listed from the top of the page in two tables:

  • Table 1: pills estimated to contain more than one dose of MDMA
  • Table 2: pills containing no MDMA 

If your pill does not appear on this page, this is not a guarantee that it is safe. 

Please note that the amount of active substance present is an estimate only as our technology cannot directly measure dosage or purity. Our spectrometer provides a rough percentage of psychoactive content in a sample. We use this combined with the weight of the pill to reach these estimates. The estimated dosage should be treated as an indication only and we recommend caution.

Pills containing more than one dose of MDMA

These pills are estimated to contain up to three doses in a single pill. A common dose of MDMA is around 80-120 milligrams, depending upon a user’s body weight. We recommend weighing your doses wherever possible.

Taking too much MDMA can result in a very unpleasant experience, health risks, and even death.  If you or someone you know has taken any of these pills and experiences the following, seek medical attention immediately. 

  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • A sharp rise in body temperature 
  • Muscle cramping 
  • Heart palpitations
  • Seizures
  • Unconsciousness


Image with colour and size reference chart                (1 square= 1cm²)

NY Yankees – blue and yellow

Blue or yellow, round, quite thick, NY Yankees logo on front, dividing line on reverse

Weight: 360mg

Estimated to contain 200-250mg MDMA

blue ny yankeeyellow ny yankee

Blue Kenzo

Bright blue, shaped like a cat’s head, tiger face stamped on front, KENZO logo on reverse

Weight: 420-430mg

Estimated to contain 200-300mg MDMA

blue kenzo frontblue kenzo reverse

Mortal Combat, pink and blue

Pale pink or pale blue, slightly speckled, round, Mortal Combat logo on front

NB logo sometimes mistaken for a seahorse

Weight: Blue: 140mg, Pink: 248mg

Blue: estimated to contain  65-100mg MDMA

Pink: estimated to contain 120-140mg MDMA

NB: 3 pills were tested, and the weights and estimated doses varied considerably between them. These pills may be inconsistent in dosage and caution is advised.

pibnk seahorseblue seahorse

Grenades, green, pink and grey

Green, pink, or darkish grey, slightly speckled, shaped like a grenade with grenade markings stamped on it

NB this is sometimes mistaken for a pineapple

Weight: 300-320mg

Estimated to contain 120-160mg of MDMA

green grenadepink grenadegrey grenade

Yellow Warner Bros

Pale yellow, shaped like the Warner Bros logo, with WB stamped on it.

Weight: 417mg

Estimated to contain 200-250mg of MDMA

yellow wb

Yellow DHL Van

Pale yellow, shaped like a courier van, with DHL stamped on the side of the van

Weight: 425mg

Estimated to contain 250-300mg of MDMA

yellow dhl van

Green Speckles

Dark green, speckled, round, no logo

Weight: 350-370mg

Estimated to contain 150-200mg of MDMA

green speckles

Orange Rolex

Orange, shaped like the Rolex crown logo with five-pointed crown stamped on it

Weight: 340mg

Estimated to contain 200-250mg of MDMA

orange rolex

Pink Supreme

Purply-pink, rectangular, stamped with the Supreme logo

Weight: 348mg

Estimated to contain 150mg of MDMA

pink supreme

Orange One

Orange/brown, round pill, has ‘ONE’ stamped on it

Weight: 370mg

Estimated to contain 200-250mg MDMA

orange one adjusted - Copy

White CNN

White, rectangular with rounded corners, CNN logo on front

Weight: 450mg

Estimated to contain 300mg MDMA

White CNN

Pink Mitsubishi 

Pink, round, quite thick, Mitsubishi logo on front, plain on reverse

Weight: 530mg

Estimated to contain  250-300mg MDMA

Warning: this pill also contains an estimated 90mg of caffeine. This is the equivalent of about 2 strong cups of coffee and will add to the stimulant effect of these pills and increase the risk of heart problems or stimulant-induced psychosis

Pink Mitsubishi

Blue Punisher

Light blue, shaped like a cut diamond, Punisher logo on front, dividing line on reverse

Weight: 450-490mg

Estimated to contain 200-300mg MDMA

Blue Punisher FrontBlue Punisher Back

Yellow Ironman

Bright yellow, oval, Ironman logo on front, dividing line vertical on reverse

Weight: 430mg

Estimated to contain 250mg MDMA

Yellow Ironman


Pills containing no MDMA

These pills were found to contain no MDMA, but contained either another psychoactive substance such as cathinones (“bath salts”), or nothing psychoactive.

Mephedrone produces similar effects to MDMA, but is described as ‘speedier’ and is active in lower doses. A common oral dose is 100-200mg. It has been implicated in a small number of deaths overseas.

Methylone, also known as bk-MDMA, has similar effects to MDMA but is less potent in terms of dose. A common dose is 150-200mg. The identified pill also contains caffeine. This increases the risk of harm as combining stimulants can cause heart problems and psychosis.

Cathinones such as mephedrone and methylone can be dangerous when taken with alcohol, tramadol, or MAOI antidepressants. They can cause insomnia and anxiety, and in high doses, psychosis.


Image with colour and size reference chart                (1 square= 1cm²)

Blue Mario

Pale blue, round, Mario Brothers face stamped on it

Weight: 430mg

Estimated to contain ~180mg methylone and 100mg caffeine

blue mario adjusted - Copy

Dark Green Square

Dark green, square-ish pill, logo can’t be made out

Weight: 245mg

Estimated to contain 90mg mephedrone

green square meph

Green Gucci

Lime green, rectangular, Gucci logo on one side

NB these are not the same shade of green as the original green guccis

Weight: 228-325mg

Two pills were tested on separate occasions, both contained no MDMA but instead contained parexyl, a brand of toothpaste found in Europe.

green gucci knockoff

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