We receive no funding aside from donations. If you think our work is important, please support us.

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The organisation is a not-for-profit social enterprise and is run entirely by volunteers, some putting in up to 20 hours a week. Our aim is for the service to always be free of charge to clients – your donation will help to do this by covering our ongoing expenses.

While we receive considerable logistical help and support from New Zealand Drug Foundation who also purchased the spectrometer, KnowYourStuff has been entirely self-funded since its inception. As demand for our service has increased, so have running costs – your donation will help KnowYourStuffNZ remain sustainable into the future.

Costs your donation will help cover include:

  • travel to events
  • consumables such as reagents, cleaning gear, printing, posters, volunteer t-shirts
  • this website and other costs of publicising our data
  • purchase of assets to replace those currently borrowed and replacement of owned assets as they wear out – laptops, solar power setup, tents, chairs, tables etc
  • eventually, purchase of new assets such as another spectrometer

1 kit

Current running costs add up to approximately $35 per test.  This includes depreciation on assets, so the cost will reduce as we perform more tests.  They will never reach zero though, so donations are really important to our continued growth.

Our aim is to eventually have a testing setup available in all main centres.  The estimated cost to set this up is $200,000 – this is a long term goal.  The current goal is to continue providing the service free of charge to the participants of festivals and events in New Zealand, and work to establish harm reduction as best practice for management of drug-related issues at events.  Any amount you can donate will help us do this.

Thank you.