This was the summer of terrible drugs

KnowYourStuffNZ drug checking service was in huge demand this summer festival season. We doubled the number of tests from last summer and attended more events than ever before. KnowYourStuffNZ checked 2,744 samples at 27 events between April 2020 and March 2021. Our annual testing report and client survey have now been released. What we foundContinue reading “This was the summer of terrible drugs”

COVID-19 is still a thing

Aotearoa is in the incredibly lucky place of actually having a festival season. Thanks to us being a team of 5 million and flattening the curve, we can actually go and have fun this summer. COVID’s still ruining the days of folks all over the world. England’s going into a third lockdown with no festivalsContinue reading “COVID-19 is still a thing”

Eat, hydrate, rest, rave, repeat

You’re on holiday, so time has ceased to have any kind of meaning. You eat if you’re hungry. Sleep is for the weak! You even have ice cream for breakfast and spend all day every day in your togs because, in summer, clothes are for suckers! Except if you keep going like that you’re goingContinue reading “Eat, hydrate, rest, rave, repeat”

Know Your Cathinones

We know that eutylone is being mis-sold as MDMA all over the country and ruining everyone’s summer this festival season. That’s not the only cathinone you need to watch out for though. But wait, there’s more cathinones! And they’re pretty much all shit! Aotearoa New Zealand has experienced at least 5 different types of cathinoneContinue reading “Know Your Cathinones”

Reagent testing at home to check for cathinones

We’re absolutely flat out this summer, and unfortunately we can’t be everywhere. People that want to check their gear but can’t get to one of our testing sites have been using at home reagent tests to check for cathinones with some success. The main tests that people are using this summer are the EZ testsContinue reading “Reagent testing at home to check for cathinones”