KnowYourStuffNZ media coverage for the last four weeks

It’s the middle of festival season and the media interest in our work has been intense. Here’s some of the coverage from that.

Also, we’re totally jazzed that the Prime Minister is a) hapū and b) “hugely supportive” of our work.

NZ Herald, 28 December: Covert drug testing will again be carried out at festivals this summer

NZ Herald, 28 December: Concert goers warned: Sinister substances being added to NZ drugs

Stuff, 4 January: Summer of love tinged with danger as MDMA reaches new peaks at NZ festivals

Radio Live, 4 January: Not-for-profit takes ‘agnostic approach’ to festival drug use

Radio NZ, 9 January: Drugs tested at festivals found to be ‘much more potent’

The Spinoff, 10 January: There’s some strong ecstasy going around, so we need to make pill testing easy

95bFM, 11 January: Mikey Havoc interviews Wendy Allison, director of KnowYourStuffNZ

SciBlogs, 17 January: Recreational drugs and the technology of pill testing

SciBlogs, 18 January: The psychology of pill testing

95bFM, 18 January: Know what drugs you’re really taking this summer

Radio NZ, 21 January: Simon Morton interviews Dr Jez Weston, volunteer with KnowYourStuffNZ for Up This Way

We’ll be at more events for the rest of the summer.

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