Our Privacy Policy

We are bound by Section 93 of the Privacy Act to keep any information you give us confidential. The Police will need a warrant to access any of our records.

Using our website

We don’t use tracking cookies on our website.
We use GiveWP to process the donations made through our website. The plugin collects your

  • Name
  • Credit card details
  • Postal address

We will never give, sell, or pass on any of your information to any external parties.
GiveWP doesn’t keep your information. They won’t contact you or pass on your information to third parties.

Using our testing facilities

As an event organiser

We keep

  • Your contact details
  • All correspondence concerning your booking
  • A copy of the post-event report
  • A record of payment

We will never give this information to anyone without a police warrant.

As someone getting their drugs checked

The only information that we take is about the substances you bring. We don’t take any of your personal information.

Photography or video is not allowed inside or around the testing area without the express consent of the people in the testing area at the time.

Clients are protected under Section 35DI of the Misuse of Drugs Act – Police cannot use your test results in any criminal proceedings against you.

As someone answering our survey

We ask for demographic information: your age, how many festivals you go to, what experiences you have had with drugs and with harm reduction services, about your drug taking behaviour, and your experiences with KnowYourStuffNZ.

We do not collect names or identifying information.

We do not link survey answers to drug checking results.

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