Our results

Welcome to the results section. Our research is done throughout the year and condensed into annual reports.

Testing results

The testing results collect data on what substances have been found, whether they were as presumed, and whether the client intended to do with it once the substance had been identified.

The testing results lets you explore our data interactively. You can see our results by one substance or a selection of substances. We also produce an interactive visualisation of what substances we have found each year.

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Survey results

The client survey collects data on client’s experiences with substances that were not what they were thought to be, their experience with drug harm reduction, and the longer term impacts of KnowYourStuffNZ services on their drug use.

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Survey reports

The data for these surveys has been collected from different events around New Zealand.


We developed a 10-question survey, and administered it using Survey Anyplace. Clients were asked to complete the survey while they waited for testing. The survey was anonymous and optional. Clients’ survey responses were not linked in any way to data on the results of their testing.

To avoid duplicates:

  • clients were asked to complete the survey only once per event (e.g. clients who visited us twice at an event only completed the survey once)
  • at the end of the survey we asked if they had previously completed the survey at another event.

This allowed us to filter out duplicate responses from returning clients.


Survey report 2019 – 2020

Survey report 2018 – 2019