Interactive data

How to see the results

Select what year’s data you want to see, using the dropdown menu. Select ‘All’ to view the results summed across all years

In the panel of checkboxes, select at least one substance from the list. These substances are what clients thought they had before their pills had been tested.

Once you have selected at least one substance, a chart and a table will appear. These show the testing results, i.e. what the pills (that clients thought contained the substance you selected) actually turned out to contain. For example, if you select ‘Amphetamine’, you will see the testing results for all of the pills that were thought by clients to contain Amphetamine.

Results chart

The chart shows testing results grouped into drug families. These families are groupings of drugs that have similar structures and psychoactive effects.

Results table

The table shows the full list of drugs that were found (‘Drug’ column), the family that each drug is grouped into (‘Drug family’ column), and the number of pills that contained that drug (‘Number of samples’ column).

Selecting more than one presumed substance

If you select more than one presumed substance, the testing results will be added up across all of those presumed substances.

Interactive Results


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Further information

For more results from KnowYourStuffNZ’s drug checking, visit the Testing Reports page

These pages have been made using R. The code can be found at This report was compiled by Andrea Knox and Katie Double.