Cocaine: Know your stuff, NZ with KnowYourStuffNZ

Cocaine is a stimulant and alkaloid drug that’s extracted from the leaves of two coca plant species native to South America. It’s manufactured into three different forms: cocaine – a fine powder; crack cocaine – small rocks; freebase cocaine – a crystallised powder. Both crack and freebase can be heated until sublimated and then inhaled,Continue reading “Cocaine: Know your stuff, NZ with KnowYourStuffNZ”

A word about methamphetamine

Methamphetamine is the black sheep of the amphetamine drug family. It has an almost polar opposite reputation to MDMA, the other popular drug in the very broad amphetamine family. Methamphetamine has a high redose compulsion and, like other amphetamines, is an appetite suppressant and a disinhibitor; which is not the best combination if you wantContinue reading “A word about methamphetamine”

Be a K know-it-all

At KnowYourStuffNZ we’ve seen quite a bump in the use of ketamine over this festival season (pardon the pun). As we’re responsible ponies who like to make everybody safer, we want to give some easy to digest, legit information about K: no horse-play here.  Here’s what our friends at The Loop have to say: “KetamineContinue reading “Be a K know-it-all”