High Alert Warning: Unwashed Poppy Seeds

Poppy seed tea sounds relatively harmless, right? Except it’s really not if you get the wrong kind of poppy seed. Unwashed poppy seeds found in regular poppy seed supply have caused acute opioid toxicity hospitalisations in Victoria The poppy seeds in question are being recalled in Aotearoa and Australia, but we’re throwing up a redContinue reading “High Alert Warning: Unwashed Poppy Seeds”

Metonitazene, a high-risk opioid’s been found in Aotearoa

Metonitazene has shown up in Aotearoa for the first time. It’s being sold as oxycodone or other opioids, and is either a yellow pill or yellow powder. Metonitazene is an opioid analgesic in the Nitazene family. It’s more potent than fentanyl It comes on very fast and very strong, giving a depressive or sedative effectContinue reading “Metonitazene, a high-risk opioid’s been found in Aotearoa”

Yet another synthetic cannabinoid – Aotearoa’s first finding of MDMB-5Br-INACA

We sometimes call them MWP – mystery white powders. This sample was brought to us in the central North Island as “MDMA” but someone who took it reported extreme and rapid anxiety. That doesn’t sound like MDMA. Testing indicates that this MWP isn’t a mystery any more. This one is MDMB-5Br-INACA. What the hell isContinue reading “Yet another synthetic cannabinoid – Aotearoa’s first finding of MDMB-5Br-INACA”

This new synthetic opioid’s proving a problem.

There’s been a new synthetic opioid being sold as oxycodone. N-pyrrolidino etonitazene (also known as etonitazepyne), is sold in a little blue pill with M on one side and 30 on the other. According to Forensic®, N-pyrrolidino etonitazene is a novel synthetic opioid which is very potent and could easily cause a deadly overdose. WeContinue reading “This new synthetic opioid’s proving a problem.”

New cathinone being sold as MDMA

In a further example of 2021 being a pain in the arse, last month’s Dunedin KnowYourStuffNZ drug checking day turned up dimethylpentylone being sold as MDMA. Thanks. We hate it. We found it in a pink Playboy pill, but it is also found as a white crystal, so definitely get both forms of your gearContinue reading “New cathinone being sold as MDMA”