2C(-B/E/I) or not 2C – just say know.

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2C or not 2C is the question, so we’re going to highlight some of the 2Cs. This family includes 2C-B, 2C-E, and 2C-I, with similar effects and risks for you. Unfortunately, 2C-B, 2C-E, and 2C-I have had reports of hospitalisations and long-term impacts thanks to shitty mixes made by shitty people or impurities and highContinue reading “2C(-B/E/I) or not 2C – just say know.

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LSD — a tool for mental health?

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You’ve probably heard stories of people taking LSD, losing their minds, and doing dangerous things. Other people say it helped them find themselves, or that it’s a groovy time. What’s to be believed? Firstly, LSD is illegal in NZ, so you’d best believe there’ll be consequences if you’re caught with it. But that doesn’t stopContinue reading “LSD — a tool for mental health?

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Nitrous Oxide (NOS)- laughing yourself sick?

Nitrous Oxide (NOS) is many things to many people; party drug, kitchen aid, pain medicine- even a Tame Impala song. Marketed for use in handheld whipped cream dispensers, NOS is arguably just as often used recreationally, inhaled from balloons for a short-lived dissociative euphoria. The popularity of NOS in the party scene is nothing new.Continue reading “Nitrous Oxide (NOS)- laughing yourself sick?”

A word about methamphetamine

Methamphetamine is the black sheep of the amphetamine drug family. It has an almost polar opposite reputation to MDMA, the other popular drug in the very broad amphetamine family. Methamphetamine has a high redose compulsion and, like other amphetamines, is an appetite suppressant and a disinhibitor; which is not the best combination if you wantContinue reading “A word about methamphetamine”

Prescription medication and party drugs

Before we get into this article, we STRONGLY recommend that you talk with your doctor candidly about taking recreational drugs with your medication. It’s late autumn and winter is on the horizon. Winter’s lack of vitamin D-giving sunlight can be a challenge. The seasonal affective disorder struggle is real, and a lot of people withContinue reading “Prescription medication and party drugs”