Sex, drugs, and consent – KnowYourYes

Consent is something that we feel doesn’t get talked about enough. Everyone knows it’s mandatory, but it’s not actually as simple as someone saying Yes to something. Especially when drugs are added to the mix. Consent 101 Consent is when you agree to do a thing. This could be anything, from having a cup ofContinue reading “Sex, drugs, and consent – KnowYourYes”

What’s going on with our methamphetamine?

Written by KnowYourStuff in conjunction with NZ Needle Exchange Drug checking organisations in New Zealand have noticed an increase in clients bringing their methamphetamine in for testing with concerns about the effects of their drugs. We all test methamphetamine regularly around the country, but recently we’ve had more clients reporting their methamphetamine as either a)Continue reading “What’s going on with our methamphetamine?”

Workplace drug testing vs. prescription cannabis and other substances

Psychedelic-assisted therapy and medical cannabis are becoming more and more mainstream. This can cause a problem for people that have ‘random’ drug tests at work, or have pre-employment drug screens. As an employee you do have the right not to be discriminated against because of the medication you take, if it’s not getting in theContinue reading “Workplace drug testing vs. prescription cannabis and other substances”

Roadside drug testing postponed

The roadside drug testing that was meant to roll out next week has been rolled back. Transport Minister Kiritapu Allen confirmed the postponement last night, saying “”Police have advised that through their process to identify the appropriate technology to carry out testing to a level of accuracy that can be used at the roadside, itContinue reading “Roadside drug testing postponed”

Naloxone saves lives, so where is it?

June and July saw 13 people hospitalised from fentanyl overdoses. Those folk were sold what they were told was cocaine, and in at least one case, methamphetamine; but their substance turned out to be fentanyl bulked out with fillers. They were all given Naloxone on the way to hospital and were revived after falling unconsciousContinue reading “Naloxone saves lives, so where is it?”