Workplace drug testing vs. prescription cannabis and other substances

Psychedelic-assisted therapy and medical cannabis are becoming more and more mainstream. This can cause a problem for people that have ‘random’ drug tests at work, or have pre-employment drug screens. As an employee you do have the right not to be discriminated against because of the medication you take, if it’s not getting in theContinue reading “Workplace drug testing vs. prescription cannabis and other substances”

Roadside drug testing: Not even once

The Land Transport (Drug Driving) Amendment legislation was passed this month. This means that, among other things, police will be able to pull drivers over and test their saliva for THC, opiates, amphetamines, and other drugs in the same manner that they test for alcohol. Apparently this measure will reduce the number of people drivingContinue reading “Roadside drug testing: Not even once”

Drug testing vs. drug checking

People keep asking us what we recommend for drug testing, or when our next drug testing day is because they want to get themselves tested for a pre-employment drug screen. We don’t do that. We do drug checking, not drug testing. Drug testing isn’t drug checking Drug testing is where someone asks you to peeContinue reading “Drug testing vs. drug checking”