Event organisers

First up, thank you for caring about your patrons. By inviting us to operate at your event you’re helping them make informed decisions about their own safety and avoid dangerous situations.

Please note we require a minimum of 8 weeks’ notice to book your event. If your event is at a high-demand time (ie New Years, Waitangi weekend, O-week) please book as far in advance as possible or we may not be able to accommodate you.

How it works

You get in touch with us using the contact form giving us

  • your event’s location
  • the dates your event will run, and
  • the expected population of your event.

We’ll send you a booking sheet to fill out with a quote for our services.

What we usually need at an event

While we are pretty self-sustaining, we do need you to provide some things for us, depending on what kind of event you’re hosting.
We need

  • Crew tickets for our team so they have access to security, medics, and other restricted areas of the event
  • Shaded space to provide service (minimum 6x9m) with drive-on access
  • Parking for team vehicles (next to work space preferable)

You, KnowYourStuffNZ, and the law

The Drug and Substance Checking Legislation Act 2021 Section 12 1A means that you can invite us and other certified organisations to come and perform drug checking services at your event. There won’t be any legal risk to your event licence.

Read more about the new legislation on our Legal Information page

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