Welcome to the Drug Checking Training Hub!

If you’re a KYSNZ volunteer you will find more relevant information on the KYSNZ Training page.

If you’re a facilitator from another organisation you’ll find some guidance on the Trainers & Facilitators page.

This page is for Drug Checking trainees & practitioners from external organisations like Needle Exchanges & NZ Drug Foundation etc. Here you’ll find  training modules for learning the ropes, field guides for when you need to check something, and other helpful resources to support your learning & practice.

If you have any questions that your supervisor can’t answer, feel free to contact training@knowyourstuff.nz.

Training Modules
(for learning & revising)

These short interactive modules are designed to help you learn the basics of Drug Checking in Aotearoa. Work through each module at your own pace and answer the questions at the end of the module to see if you understand. Your work and answers are totally anonymous and not marked or evaluated. Talk to your supervisor or whoever is guiding your training if you have any questions.

  1. Drug Checking Sector Overview

  2. Sample Handling and Analysis

  3. Tools & Equipment

  4. Harm Reduction Information

These training modules are generalised and do not include specific policies and procedures that are unique to your organisation, your supervisor will provide you with additional specific training to cover these. 

  • Each module builds on knowledge from the last so we recommend starting with #1 – Drug Checking Sector Overview
  • Each module is made up of a number of topics which have some questions at the end to check your understanding of what’s been covered. You can jump back and forth between different topics if you want to revise or skip something.
  • If you don’t finish a topic in a single session you will need to start that topic again next time as progress is not kept.
  • Your work and answers are totally anonymous and not marked or evaluated.
  • Your organisation will have instructions on what to do once you’ve finished each module, such as whether you need to notify someone that you have completed a module.
  • Talk to your supervisor or whoever is guiding your training if you have any questions.
  • We recommend that additional learning methods compliment these training modules. This could include shadowing drug checking clinics, mentor conversations and role plays.
  • Your organisation will provide you with additional specific training on unique processes and procedures to complement and complete this training. 
  • If there is a part of the training that is not relevant to your organisation, this can be skipped. 

User Guides
(for reference when you’re in the field)

  1. Spectrometer Use

  2. Records & Data Keeping

  • These are meant as resources which you can quickly and easily reference when you need some guidance on how to do something.
  • These are meant for revision & reference rather than primary training.
  • You can jump around as much as you like to find the info you need, with no need to answer questions or read all content.

Other Resources

Aotearoa Focused Websites

Drug Information Websites

Online forums



Thank you to all those who contributed to the development of these resources.

This training package was funded by Te Whatu Ora, built in collaboration between KnowYourStuffNZ, New Zealand Drug Foundation, New Zealand Needle Exchange, and the Institute for Environmental Science and Research.

Learning Tech provided expertise in Instructional Design.

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