Partying in winter — Why are winter comedowns the worst?

Winter comedowns suck. Something about Washout Wednesday when it’s cold, wet, and miserable outside just makes it suck worse than in summer when everything is warm and golden. This is your brain. This is your brain on winter There is something about winter that, in some folk, kicks up depression symptoms. Seasonal Affective Disorder, hilariouslyContinue reading “Partying in winter — Why are winter comedowns the worst?”

Eat, hydrate, rest, rave, repeat

You’re on holiday, so time has ceased to have any kind of meaning. You eat if you’re hungry. Sleep is for the weak! You even have ice cream for breakfast and spend all day every day in your togs because, in summer, clothes are for suckers! Except if you keep going like that you’re goingContinue reading “Eat, hydrate, rest, rave, repeat”