What’s going on with our methamphetamine?

Written by KnowYourStuff in conjunction with NZ Needle Exchange Drug checking organisations in New Zealand have noticed an increase in clients bringing their methamphetamine in for testing with concerns about the effects of their drugs. We all test methamphetamine regularly around the country, but recently we’ve had more clients reporting their methamphetamine as either a)Continue reading “What’s going on with our methamphetamine?”

We’ve updated our interactive data app

Rejoice, researchers! Our interactive data app has been updated! For those of you new to the app, you can use it to go through the data we’ve harvested from all of the substances we’ve tested since 2016. National and international researchers have used it to help write reports about the effectiveness of harm reduction measuresContinue reading “We’ve updated our interactive data app”

Psychedelics and research part 2: Why psychedelics and why now?

This is part two of a two-part blog series by our guest author Associate Professor Fiona Hutton, teacher and researcher of Criminology at Victoria University of Wellington. We posted part 1 What’s all the fuss about psychedelics? last week Due to the sustained efforts of a number of organisations and individuals such as the BeckleyContinue reading “Psychedelics and research part 2: Why psychedelics and why now?”