Psychedelics and research part 1: What’s all the fuss about psychedelics?

This is part one of a two-part blog series by our guest author Associate Professor Fiona Hutton, teacher and researcher of Criminology at Victoria University of Wellington For those of you who enjoy the recreational use of psychedelics you might have been a bit surprised by the ‘psychedelic renaissance’ that is happening in mental healthContinue reading “Psychedelics and research part 1: What’s all the fuss about psychedelics?”

Candyflipping: Know Your Stuff, NZ with KnowYourStuffNZ

Candyflipping. The name may lead you believe the activity involves bulk-buying skittles and reselling them off at a higher price, but it is the term used to describe taking LSD and MDMA together, either at the same time (not recommended) or, more traditionally, one a few hours after the other (still not recommended). Harm reductionContinue reading “Candyflipping: Know Your Stuff, NZ with KnowYourStuffNZ”

LSD — a tool for mental health?

Know Your Stuff NZ with KnowYourStuffNZ

You’ve probably heard stories of people taking LSD, losing their minds, and doing dangerous things. Other people say it helped them find themselves, or that it’s a groovy time. What’s to be believed? Firstly, LSD is illegal in NZ, so you’d best believe there’ll be consequences if you’re caught with it. But that doesn’t stopContinue reading “LSD — a tool for mental health?

Know Your Stuff NZ with KnowYourStuffNZ”

Prescription medication and party drugs

Before we get into this article, we STRONGLY recommend that you talk with your doctor candidly about taking recreational drugs with your medication. It’s late autumn and winter is on the horizon. Winter’s lack of vitamin D-giving sunlight can be a challenge. The seasonal affective disorder struggle is real, and a lot of people withContinue reading “Prescription medication and party drugs”

ALERT: 5F-MDMB-PINACA sold as crystal LSD

KnowYourStuffNZ has found 5F-MDMB-PINACA, a synthetic cannabinoid, in a sample of white powder that was presumed to be crystal LSD. The sample had been taken orally in a very tiny amount, and the experience was described as unpleasant and depressive with dissociative effects, and “Definitely not like LSD.” The sample was tested using FT-IR spectroscopy,Continue reading “ALERT: 5F-MDMB-PINACA sold as crystal LSD”