You think you know your Ketamine?

You reckon you’re a K know it all? A specialist when it comes to Special K? Buckle up, kets and kittens, it’s time to test your knowledge about ketamine. 1) Ketamine is a… A) Stimulant B) Psychedelic C) Disassociative D) Great time, amirite?? 2) What class drug is Ketamine? A) A B) B C) CContinue reading “You think you know your Ketamine?”

Ketamine: Know your stuff, NZ with KnowYourStuffNZ

Ketamine, kitty, ket, or special K, is a drug that has been growing in popularity both globally and in Aotearoa in recent years. How ketamine affects an individual, and how much risk of harm it poses, is dependent on many things. To reduce risk, the main things to be mindful of are: Know your drugContinue reading “Ketamine: Know your stuff, NZ with KnowYourStuffNZ”