Alcohol: Know your stuff, NZ with KnowYourStuffNZ

You’re probably familiar with alcohol – the drug we see advertised almost everywhere as a seductive social lubricant. It’s typically consumed as beer, wine, or spirits in social and celebratory settings due to its ability to produce both relaxation and euphoria. Four out of five Kiwis use alcohol, making it our most popular recreational drug.Continue reading “Alcohol: Know your stuff, NZ with KnowYourStuffNZ”

Nitrous Oxide (NOS)- laughing yourself sick?

Nitrous Oxide (NOS) is many things to many people; party drug, kitchen aid, pain medicine- even a Tame Impala song. Marketed for use in handheld whipped cream dispensers, NOS is arguably just as often used recreationally, inhaled from balloons for a short-lived dissociative euphoria. The popularity of NOS in the party scene is nothing new.Continue reading “Nitrous Oxide (NOS)- laughing yourself sick?”

Drug harm reduction tips to keep in mind this summer

While we advise that not taking drugs is the only way to guarantee safety, we’ve compiled a list of drug harm reduction tips to help you be safer this summer. Be absolutely sure you know what you’re taking before you take it. There’s nothing that ruins summer faster than a trip to the medic’s tentContinue reading “Drug harm reduction tips to keep in mind this summer”