This summer’s crap drug: n-ethylpentylone

If it isn’t MDMA, then it’s very likely to be a new drug called n-ethylpentylone, testing by KnowYourStuffNZ has revealed. Testing at festivals has shown that around one quarter of the drugs that people believe to be MDMA (ecstasy) are not as expected. The most most common substitutions for MDMA come from the cathinone familyContinue reading “This summer’s crap drug: n-ethylpentylone”

Cathinones still a concern for 2018 festival season

The media has been making much of our alert that there may be MDMA out there in higher doses than usual. One thing that’s being somewhat under-reported is the fact that we are also seeing substitution of MDMA for cathinones at roughly the same rate as last season. What this means is that approximately 1Continue reading “Cathinones still a concern for 2018 festival season”