Apparently our results are news!

When we published the final results from our testing data on Sunday, we were not expecting much media interest. After all, the numbers haven’t changed that much since July, when we first published our preliminary results. However, we did attract some attention. Here is a roundup: VICE: These are the drugs appearing at New ZealandContinue reading “Apparently our results are news!”

Even the PM would support legal drug checking

New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Bill English, is socially conservative. Yet when asked if he thought drug checking at festivals was a good idea, he said “I suppose it is – as long as it’s legal.” “It means people can see what they’re taking is dangerous.”   “People who are taking drugs… I’m sure they understandContinue reading “Even the PM would support legal drug checking”

Russell Brown nails it again

Russell has been a major supporter of our work from the start, and was a catalyst in getting traction for the issue both politically and in the media.  He’s written an article for NZ Drug Foundation’s Matters of Substance about drug checking, and it’s well worth the read. “What I’d like to see,” says Allison,Continue reading “Russell Brown nails it again”