Help, I’ve had eutylone! What do?

Eutylone is definitely this summer’s crap drug. Potentially even the crappiest drug since the N-ethylpentylone boom of 2017. If you’ve accidentally had eutylone, it’s highly likely that you’ll have a shit time. It’s important to remember that it’s only for a finite time, and you’ll be ok once you ride it out. But you haveContinue reading “Help, I’ve had eutylone! What do?”

Ugh. More bloody cathinones

Cathinones being substituted for MDMA could be on the rise. The last couple of KnowYourStuffNZ drug checking clinics have discovered an increase of people’s “MDMA” either being a cathinone with no MDMA in it, or a cathinone with just enough MDMA to mask it and spoof reagent tests We anticipate that this could be theContinue reading “Ugh. More bloody cathinones”

Drug harm reduction tips to keep in mind this summer

While we advise that not taking drugs is the only way to guarantee safety, we’ve compiled a list of drug harm reduction tips to help you be safer this summer. Be absolutely sure you know what you’re taking before you take it. There’s nothing that ruins summer faster than a trip to the medic’s tentContinue reading “Drug harm reduction tips to keep in mind this summer”

We have our own Bill! But what does that really mean?

The Drug and Substance Checking Legislation Bill passed last week, and I’m pretty sure you could hear KnowYourStuff volunteers cheering from outer space. The Bill amends the Misuse of Drugs Act 1975 and the Psychoactive Substances Act 2013. It means we can go to events and give harm reduction advice openly and legally. Out withContinue reading “We have our own Bill! But what does that really mean?”