Nitrous Oxide (NOS)- laughing yourself sick?

Nitrous Oxide (NOS) is many things to many people; party drug, kitchen aid, pain medicine- even a Tame Impala song. Marketed for use in handheld whipped cream dispensers, NOS is arguably just as often used recreationally, inhaled from balloons for a short-lived dissociative euphoria. The popularity of NOS in the party scene is nothing new.Continue reading “Nitrous Oxide (NOS)- laughing yourself sick?”

So you want to test your MDMA?

Hooray, you got the message that there’s crap drugs around! Now what? If KnowYourStuffNZ is running a clinic near you, come see us! The spectrometer is more accurate, and the only way to detect when two psychoactives are mixed together. Reagent tests alone can’t rule those mixes out. Until we have funding, we can’t beContinue reading “So you want to test your MDMA?”