We’ve updated our interactive data app

Rejoice, researchers! Our interactive data app has been updated!

For those of you new to the app, you can use it to go through the data we’ve harvested from all of the substances we’ve tested since 2016. National and international researchers have used it to help write reports about the effectiveness of harm reduction measures like drug checking. (As you can imagine, we’re immeasurably proud of what our data team has achieved so far!)

The app can tell you

  • Which substances we’ve found
  • How many substances were consistent with what they were meant to be
  • If the substances weren’t consistent with what they were meant to be, what they turned out to be
  • Whether or not someone intends to take their substance after they’ve got their checking result

You can do this for individual seasons year by year, or since we started checking.

The new stuff

Our data team has put some super useful user features for y’all:

  • an extra tab to look at presumed substances based on actual substances side by side
  • a filter to drill down into a specific drug (previously you could only filter by drug family)
  • a search bar in the tables so you can search for certain drugs
  • a sort function to arrange tables by different columns
  • a full dataset download available in the instructions tab
  • the ability to export charts as images
  • dark mode

Check out the interactive data app in our Results section

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