Notification: High dose MDMA pills still a risk this summer

KnowYourStuffNZ is testing a fair number of high-dose MDMA pills. These are more risky because the dosage is excessive. While we’re seeing lots of cathinones, there is still plenty of MDMA around.

These pills should be approached with caution.

We advise that the only way to guarantee safety is to not take them. If you do choose to take them, our recommendation is to only take a third of a pill at most, and wait at least an hour before considering taking any more.

These pills have been tested to contain MDMA and a variety of fillers. One type of pill (Pink Porsche copies) also contain caffeine. Combining stimulants such as MDMA and caffeine can increase the risk of heart problems and psychosis. No other psychoactives have been detected in the listed pills.

A common dose of MDMA is around 80-120 milligrams, depending upon a user’s body weight. Some of these pills contain more than two doses in a single pill. We recommend weighing your doses wherever possible.

Taking too much MDMA can cause a very unpleasant experience, health risks, and sometimes even death.

If you or someone you know has taken one of these pills and experiences dizziness and vomiting, a sharp rise in body temperature, muscle cramping, heart palpitations, seizures, or unconsciousness, get medical help straight away.

Please note that the amount of MDMA in these pills is only an indication. Our spectrometers are good at telling what substances are present but not great at working out exactly how much. We recommend always erring on the side of caution.

Suspected high dose pills include:

Description Image
Blue New York Yankees
Light blue/turquoise, round, quite thick, NY logo on front, dividing line on reverse
Weight: 350mg
Estimated to contain 150mg MDMA
Note: pills of this size, shape, and colour last year contained 250-300mg MDMA

Colour and size reference chart

Green Four Leaf Clover
Pale green, round
Weight: 380 mg
Estimated to contain 230mg MDMA
Purple Givenchy
Pinky-purple, square, Givenchy logo on front, “givenchy 260mg” on back with dividing line
Weight: 430-460mg
Estimated to contain 250mg MDMA

Orange Soundcloud
Orange, cloud shaped, Soundcloud logo on front, divider line on back
Weight: 440 mg
Estimated to contain 250mg MDMA
Blue Kenzo
Blue, tiger head on front, “KENZO” on back
Weight: 380mg
Estimated to contain 150mg MDMA
Note: pills of this size, shape, and colour last year contained 200-300mg MDMA
Red Iron Man
Red-pink, Iron Man logo
Weight: 370mg
Estimated to contain 150mg MDMA
Yellow #MeToo
Rectangular, “#MeToo” on front, two fists on back, dividing line
Weight: 460mg
Estimated to contain 200mg MDMA
Pink Porsche
Pink, Porsche logo on front and reverse
Weight: 260mg
Estimated to contain 160mg of MDMA and 100mg of caffeine, equivalent to 1 or 2 cups of coffee
A copy of previous Pink Porsches which did not contain caffeine
Purple Superman
Tests as nothing but plaster of Paris
No MDMA found
Sucks if you bought this one

2 thoughts on “Notification: High dose MDMA pills still a risk this summer

  1. My son is suffering hallucinations after been given a pill on new years eve. How long does it take to get out of system. Should I take him to ED

    1. Sorry, that sucks. Here’s our advice on how to recover from cathinones, if that’s what he’s taken.
      For getting medical help, we recommend this if he has tingling in his feet and hands, seizures, hallucinate, or has psychotic episodes. His heart rate might also not slow down, or his symptoms might suddenly get worse. If this happens, you definitely should go to ED.

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