Media roundup for 2019/20 festival season

KnowYourStuffNZ has been in the news a lot this season, both here and abroad. We’ve collected all the news together for easy reference. Just follow the links below.

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Inside the drug-testing tent at Splore music festival – Josephine Franks, 25/02/2020

Drug testing openly available at Splore music festival – Nicole Bremner, 1 News 22/02/2020

Universities called on to make drug testing kits available during Orientation Week – Steven Walton, 16/02/2020


Pingers, parties and politics: How festival drug testers are trying to save lives – Josephine Franks, 31/12/2019


Research into drug checking impacts – New Zealand Government press release, 18/12/2019


NZ First to reconsider position on drug testing – Jo Moir, 20/10/2019


The drug testing dilemma – how we are getting around it – The Detail, 16/10/2019


Legalising testing of drugs at festivals has overwhelming support, 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton Poll finds – 1 News 16/10/2019


Prohibition or preventing harm? Q+A debates festival pill-testing – NZQandA TVNZ, 07/10/2019


Poll: Do you support testing of drugs at festivals? – Newshub poll 07/10/2019


Three people critical after taking bad drugs at Listen In Auckland dance concert – Tom Dillane, NZ Herald 05/10/2019


Drug Testing w / Wendy Allison: October 1, 2019 – Radio interview, BFM


The NZ First MP’s bizarre campaign against ‘saving lives’ – The Spinoff


Police minister’s plan to legalise pill testing at summer festivals derailed as NZ First says it encourages drug use – 1 News 29/09/2019


How Kiwis’ drugs are being tested before they have the chance to do harm – Ruby Macandrew, 23/08/2019


Festival care: Who’s looking after you – Leith Huffadine, 27/02/2019


O-Week testing shows 1 in 5 drugs not what buyer expected – 25/02/2019


Festival organisers wary of inviting drug-testing group – Charlotte Cook, 22/02/2019


Lee Suckling: Are music festivals unsafe? – Lee Suckling, NZ Herald 28/01/2019


What’s really in that pill? The festival drug testing debate – Te Ao Māori News, 25/01/2019


Free drug testing in spotlight as festival season kicks off – Laine Moger, 25/01/2019


Festival drug testing – Expert Reaction – Dr. Jez Weston, Science Media Centre 25/01/2019


Wendy Allison and Duncan Garner TV interview – The AM Show, TV 3 22/01/2019


Why New Zealand Needs Legal Drug Testing at its Summer Festivals – James Borrowdale, Vice 10/01/2019


Dr Cathy Stephenson: Telling your kids to stay away from drugs can backfire – Dr Cathy Stephenson, 08/01/2019


No room for vagueness in drug testing at music festivals – Russell Brown, 04/01/2019


Editorial: It’s high time for drug testing – 04/01/2019


Testing shows MDMA pills laced with bath salts – 03/01/2019


Summer festival drugs ‘designed to baffle tests’ – 03/01/2019 (Radio interview)


Minister backs festival drug tests –  03/01/2019


What is pill testing, and why is it so controversial? – Yan Zhuang, Sydney Morning Herald 03/01/2019


Police Minister Stuart Nash wants drug testing kits at all music festivals by next summer – Jason Walls, NZ Herald 02/01/2019



Here comes festival season, where dodgy drugs thrive thanks to a dumb law – Wendy Allison, The Spinoff 25/10/2018


Drug testing at music festivals – Jesse Mulligan, 15/10/2018 (Radio interview)


High point: Drug test change at music festivals – Isaac Davidson and Tom Dillane, NZ Herald 30/09/2018


Festival-goers warned of drug testing kit effectiveness – Charlie Dreaver, 07/04/2018

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